My Travel Compadres SURPRISE - Our Friends From California Came! A night at Tufanos by Taylor Street Chris' Mom n Dad's House in Berwyn Fine Art at the Plaza Our little side trip Just kidding - It's a replica in Niles IL
Just kidding - It's a replica in Niles IL Details of the replica Pisa Tower Chris' Friend Irene From Canada Chris' Dad & Irene We almost looked like twins Anthony & Auntie Grace (Chris' Sister) Cousins
John & Jim Cheryl John n Melissa Nephew & Niece Our Niece Cheryl n Grace California People
Me n Chris John n Ant.  Honestly, they're not crazy Cathy n John The girls Joe n Chris renewing their vows. We did it
The happy couple after 25 years Our little family (well the boys are bigger than us now.) Me n Chris With Chris' mom n dad Irene, us, Mom, n Dad